The PinkCup Project

Sponsor a Menstrual Cup to Keep a Girl in School


Project Objective:

A women’s menstrual cycle is not something she can stop – in a healthy woman it will occur every. single. month. It cannot be turned on and off at will.

Imagine being in a situation where you are not in a financially stable position; where you are struggling to meet your basic needs as a family, for example food and rent. This is the case for 60% of South Africa’s women. Often school going girls, and their families, find themselves having to make a choice between necessities like food or menstrual health products. It is obvious, one would choose food! No girl should have to make this choice – both are a necessity and a human right!

Girls are often forced to come up with solutions to this monthly problem. For instance, begging for money to purchase their supplies; or using items like newspaper, sand, leaves, or old rags instead of sterile menstrual health products. Many girls end up missing between 3 to 5 days of school per month while they are on their period. This is mainly because of the social embarrassment of not having a sterile and appropriate method with which to deal with menstrual blood flow. This absenteeism may add up to approximately one term per year of vital schooling lost.

This project aims to raise funds to distribute menstrual cups to girls in schools in Rustenburg. It will restore a girl’s dignity; keep her in school & empower her in her monthly feminine needs, while at the same time educating her on her feminine rights and health.

Details of the cup:

One cup lasts up to 10 years, with proper care. This equates to approximately 2400 pads or tampons over that time span. That means a potential saving of R12 000 on pads or tampons over 10 years for each girl.

I am in partnership with an organization called PinkCup, who will supply the cups.

The cost to sponsor one girl is R 200 / 15 USD / 13 EUR

Each cup that is sponsored will provide:

  • 1 cup per girl (which will last up to 10 years)
  • 1 silk storage bag
  • Instruction leaflet on how to use the menstrual cup
  • An educational diary with resources to track a menstrual cycle; advice on menstrual health, anatomy and sexual health, empowerment and rights.
  • 3 training and information sessions over a 3 month period which gives an introduction to the product, as well as instruction of its use; empowerment and advice sessions on topics such as menstrual health, anatomy and sexual health and rights.

Here is how you can help us!

Empower a girl to become the best version of herself and help her achieve her full potential. Help us keep our girls in school and restoring their dignity as a woman by sponsoring one cup at the cost of R200.00.

We can’t transform South Africa without you!

“Access to menstrual health products is an issue of human rights and dignity” – Mcup Movement