Personal empowerment

“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual” – Albert Einstein.

We see Jesus’ Church having a sound imperative to meet the ongoing challenge in South Africa for empowerment and development of all people. Our ministry seeks to address the question: “how do those who have obstacles to access development opportunities, overcome their situations?”

So far, we see the answer as twofold. Firstly, to offer as many diverse and varied options possible for development opportunities for people from within our own skills and capabilities. Secondly, to be a catalyst in prompting others to do likewise. In essence, to share what they have freely – whether it be skills, knowledge or economic opportunities.

Our small part in this great imperative looks like this:

  • Life coaching
    • Using whole brain learning.
  • Career guidance:
    • For teenagers making career decisions.
    • For adults embracing a change in career path.
    • For disadvantaged individuals beginning a career path.
  •  HIV education and prevention
  • Sexual health education
  • Skills development
    • Hands on skills development classes, or
    • Connecting people with resources and training opportunities.
  • Youth life orientation classes in schools.