Wish list 2020

This is our 2020 wish list. During the course of the year we place on this list certain items that are in addition to our monthly budget. Some of them are large expenses, and some small luxuries. Either way, we believe that God has invited us to lay all our needs and wants before Him and trust Him in His response. When we receive something we annotate the list to indicate the date our prayer was answered.

So, this list exists as both prayer requests and, over time, a celebration of answered prayers!

If you feel led to bless us with any of the items below please contact us to discuss this. Even if you feel led to contribute towards part of an item we would love to hear from you.

Bless you all,




  • Further sponsorship for Joshua and Bella’s school fees
  • A holiday at the South Coast


  • Return airfare to visit her family in Holland


  • Replacement cellphone (provided – June 2020)
  • Books:
    • An interlinear Bible
      • Hebrew
      • Greek
    • Adam’s return – Richard Rohr