The Carter Family

Steve, Inez, Isabella and Joshua Carter

Our vision – To see all people living an abundant life according to God’s plan

We are in our tenth year of marriage and are in full-time missional ministry within God’s Kingdom. This journey began in the April of 2015 as God began to speak into our lives about a call as a family to spend our lives in His service, and in service to His people. We turned down an employment transfer opportunity to Johannesburg to settle in the city of Rustenburg (in the North West Province of South Africa) in the October of 2015. We were not certain of the exact course at that point but knew the right decision was to respond to God’s prompting. Over the course of the following eighteen months or so, God guided us to our current path. During that process we felt, at times, disconnected from God’s voice and presence, but, as we trusted Him, He gradually revealed to us His purpose and our future. It is now our great privilege as a family to live out a missional calling for God in His Kingdom.

I (Steve) have spent my adult life in a variety of different ministry and educational contexts. I hold a BA Hons in Psychology and I am a whole brain learning and thinking preference specialist, using the Neethling Brain Instruments®. I use this framework in much of my ministry with families, organisations, churches and individuals. This system was developed by Dr Kobus Neethling and is successfully used world wide in a variety of applications, from organisational development to life-coaching. My background includes having led ministries in differing church denominations – from youth to music, to teaching and preaching, and pastoral. I have also directed operations for both of the Outdoor Education Centres for St John’s College Houghton and St Mary’s School Waverley, two of South Africa’s most prestigious private schools.

I (Inez) am passionate about women and their development. My focus within the ministry is the health, well-being and socio-economic status of vulnerable women, both adults and teens. I hold a BA Hons in Community and Health Psychology. I currently run my own business – Shutterlife Photography – which also forms a part of the ministry from time to time, through telling the visual stories of our projects or the individuals with which we work. My background includes having served in a variety of children’s ministries, along with having managed the Catering, Hospitality and Administrative departments at Kloofwaters Outdoor Campus for six years.

Together we have been gifted with two amazing children, Isabella and Joshua. Isabella is five and Joshua three. Our family unit is the basis for all our ministry, and we are grateful to God for the foundation He has provided for us.