As I prepared to share with you all some news of our family at the moment, I was immediately drawn to our current shared reality of lockdown and the corona virus. I wondered how best to share news of our family, our work and mission in light of what we’re all facing. But, it suddenly dawned on me: if I see one more newsletter or communication on the corona virus or lockdown I think I might scream, cry, vomit or throw things. So I’m going to take a completely different direction. Hopefully it will put some smiles on your faces…

But first, a tiny piece of history. 2019 was an incredibly hard year for Inez and I, in our marriage and for our greater family. As many of you know, Inez’s Dad and little brother relocated to Holland and she had to face the loss of her last family members on SA soil. Coupled with this were the obvious questions that followed in terms of our future as a family: do we go with them so she can be closer, and so our kids can have a chance to have relationship with their last remaining grandparent? Do we stay here and continue in our mission in Rustenburg? What does God want of and for us as a family? On top of this we faced seriously hard economic times as we lost a few of our supporting partners – and so there was all of that uncertainty as well.

Right: Our family in Holland in 2018. A happy time for us all!

One of our realisations towards the end of 2019 was that we had lost a lot of the fun, humour and joy from our marriage and lives. Everything had become so serious – we were locked in survival mode. We knew that we were in trouble and we desperately needed some help. One of the things we had to aim for was to find joy in each other and our situation. It was harder than we thought, but has helped us both tremendously. I can’t stand testimonies that sound as though “everything has changed” – they always ring a little false to me. So this isn’t one of them. Many of our questions remain; many of our fears remain; we still have to work hard within our marriage and family. However, finding some laughter, some fun, some joy, has helped a lot!

So, that will be the focus of my newsletter for this month. Hopefully it will lighten your moods and give you moments to pause, giggle, laugh out loud, or hug someone close to you with unrestrained joy!


So below is a somewhat disorganised collection of links to some laughs, ranging from some of my favourite british comedy, to satire, to unusual stuff. I comment on some, and little on others. I hope you enjoy. Send me some of your favourites in response?


First up a collection of memes I posted to Facebook last week. Click any of the icons below to check them out on our FB page.

Tim Hawkins – Corporate Worship songs.

I first discovered Tim Hawkins years and years ago. Still gives me a laugh.

Tim Hawkins –

Things you don’t say to your wife.

Millennial Missionaries

John Crist is a satirical genus when it comes to mocking his own – namely Christians. If you can’t laugh at yourself or the weird things about religion then skip this, but you’ll be sorry.

How it’s made: Christian music – John Crist

I love this clip because it mocks precisely what I loathe about modern ‘Christian’ music. Great satirical comedy, because it bites where it should…

BlackAdder –

Advanced WW1 tactics – General Melchett

I can probably quote most of Rowan Atkinson’s BlackAdder by heart. A sign of a well-spent life! One of my favourite British series.

Rowan Atkinson Live

‘Welcome to Hell’ skit.

Many years ago Rowan Atkinson did a live show in front of a university audience. This is an updated version of one of the best skits from that show.

Deathstar Canteen

– Eddie Izzard.

One of my favourite comedians in one of my favourite skits. You must know some Star Wars to get this, but it’s gold. Not a kid friendly clip even though it’s role-played with Lego.

Demetri Martin

This is a long clip, but worth it for some of the absolute pearler one-liners he comes out with. I’ve never seen him before this clip that I stumbled across, and there’s very little of his other work online – but I enjoy a great one-liner!

“The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades!”

Tommy Tiernan

I enjoy Tommy’s wildly Irish behaviour and humour. The Irish are also so wonderfully irreverent! Lesser known, but at times incredibly insightful.


Michael Davis

– Comedian juggler.

I discovered his work relatively recently. Insightful, well-timed and actually a good juggler.


And finally, a classic for all the ages…

(Just fast forward through the german intro)

Love and peace to you all!