Just keep swimming…

It is almost three and a half years now that Inez and I have not drawn a salary while we live and serve in Rustenburg. It blows my mind sometimes that we’ve made it this far. I know we each have more grey hairs than when we started this journey, and there have been times when the stress has been almost unbearable. Somehow God has seen us through the good times and the bad. I can now bear witness to this first hand, something that before I had only heard or read about: that reckless faith in God is not misplaced, and that God does really work in and through His people. I know that this adventure we embarked on at the end of 2015 was illogical at the time. Why turn down employment to live off faith? It’s beyond illogical, it’s crazy. However, we couldn’t ignore what God was busy speaking into us back then. Thankfully, we didn’t have a full picture of what lay ahead of us – let’s be honest, who ever does when God speaks? Part of the act of faith is to walk alongside God while He continues to speak. As Brian McLaren puts it, “we make the road by walking”. As I was saying, we didn’t know everything ahead of us in advance, otherwise quite possibly we wouldn’t have gone in this direction. I am grateful though for where we have come from, and where we find ourselves now – a gratitude that is best understood poignantly, as the road has not been easy, predictable nor always victorious.

I have appreciated the thoughts and writings of people like Richard Rohr, Henri Nouwen and C.G Jung as they explain the path of downward mobility. Most preciously I see this role-modeled in the life and death of Jesus. It is a bittersweet embrace of my Lord; as I know to embrace Him means to follow Him in this ‘kenosis’ (see Philippians 2:7).

This has been significant for us as a family as we’ve had to let go of things along the way. Some of them material – some things easier than others; much of the letting go has been of ego, pride, entitlement – and believe me we still have very far to go! This stripping away isn’t always comfortable, but slowly, slowly I begin to see the necessity of the work of pruning in my life. Most of the time I fight it actively; some of the time I accept it resentfully; very, very few times have I been able to lean into it willingly.


Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey over the last 3 years or so. We have experienced God’s love and provision so amazingly through many people who have reached out to us in deep generosity and support. May God bless you for your desire to live obedient to His leading. There’s nothing really that we could say or do to repay you – I guess that is grace!

Love and peace,


Pulane Children’s Centre Lesotho – April 2019

At 2am on Friday the 26th of April we left home to meet up with the rest of our convoy, to leave Rustenburg for Lesotho for the weekend. Three families travelled together: ourselves, and our good friends the Pages and Lindsays. The plan was to spend three days serving at the Pulane Children’s Centre (PCC) with a day’s travelling either side…

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