At 2am on Friday the 26th of April we left home to meet up with the rest of our convoy, to leave Rustenburg for Lesotho for the weekend. Three families travelled together: ourselves, and our good friends the Pages and Lindsays. The plan was to spend three days serving at the Pulane Children’s Centre (PCC) with a day’s travelling either side. We were very excited for this trip, not only for the opportunities it presented us, but also because the whole family was going on it’s first trip together of this kind. It would also be Josh’s first camping trip. Sixteen hours later, we arrived at Pulane, having crossed borders, rivers and mountains. It was a long trip, but really enjoyable, and the kids did amazingly well. We arrived in the dark, crossed the river, set up camp, had a quick supper and settled in for our first night.

The next three days were wonderful. My prayer before we had left would be that we would be a blessing and not a burden to those we were going to serve. If we achieved that goal then I would be happy, as I believe God would be satisfied with our efforts. Thankfully our team leader, Oliver, has a heart of true integrity and service and so he focused our work towards meeting needs that had been identified by the centre themselves, and were mostly very practical in nature.

So, the team made tables; chopped down trees; delivered medical and discipleship training to the staff; built resources for the pre-school and trained the teachers in how to use them; and the children of the three families played lots and lots of soccer with the children of the centre. You can see some more pictures of the trip below.

The Pulane Children’s Centre is a phenomenal place. The care, attention and love that goes into supporting the children that live there is a true example of Jesus’ love and life in action. We were blown away by the staff and their dedication to their work – I would describe it better as a calling. We also got to meet Emily Strugnell, who lives in Lesotho with her husband Grant and their daughter Jane. They serve as missionaries there: Grant is a pilot at Mission Aviation Fellowship; Emily is the Co-Director of PCC. Please consider supporting either of these organisations or the Strugnell family directly in their ministry. You can follow the links above to find out more about each and how to support them.

We cannot thank enough the people who made this trip possible by generous financial contributions. The materials for building tables, fuel for travel, food and more was all covered by donors who supported the vision of the trip. Most of all thank you to everyone who was praying for us all as we travelled and served. We know this was a large group effort even though only few actually travelled the distance. Bless you all!