A callous disruption, shatters my peace.

It is the inexcusable equivalent of

A ‘person’

Standing before my desk

– Obtrusive – intrusive –

Shouting, “Speak to me now, speak to me now!”


Push the green button,

Place speaker to my ear,



“Good morning sir.”

(Oh, the unapologetically smug voice,

The unjustifiably cheerful tone!)


I hate him immediately.

Absolute, pure, undiluted loathing.

There must be blood,

There must be justice,

At the very least,

I’ll throw my phone across the room.


I shout,

I belittle,

I plead,

I hang up.


A thought pierces my returning peace.

Is it this person’s purpose

– life goal, ultimate meaning –

to cause me such outrage?

Am I really incensed with them,

Or the system that pushes them into this absurd employment?


Are they not too a Child of God?


Perhaps, next time I will be


More gracious,

More like Jesus.

Perhaps I will acknowledge Jesus in them

And temper my response fittingly.


Ah, the phone again.

‘Private Number’

Let’s see…