On Saturday the 26th of August we were privileged to participate in hosting the inaugural event for Camp Kaleidoscope in Rustenburg. As I have written before, the vision of this event is to bring together disabled and able-bodied people in an environment that fosters relationship and mutual encouragement. What an awesome day it was – with the smiles on so many faces speaking volumes to the success of the first event. Below I share a few reflections on my experience of the day as well as some of the pictures.

Please feel free to share and comment on your own experiences of the day, or contact us if you would like to be involved in this project in the future. For more of the pictures from the day please follow this link to our Facebook page:


While running an activity during the day:

At one point I sprang up from the floor to walk across the field, and I was in that moment suddenly and acutely aware of the difference in physical ability between myself and the participants at that activity. And yet, in terms of the capacity to love, to trust, to be intimate with another human being – I realised my deficiency when compared with my new friends. I realised just how much I have to learn from these amazing people I met.

I was so deeply moved in that moment that it was difficult to hold back my tears – and then the second realization struck me. I wonder if my new friends would have held back their tears? From what I experienced on that day my impression was that they don’t seem to struggle with the same insipid pretenses that I have allowed to stifle my living an authentic life.

It was one of those genuine formative moments in life when you are presented with an alternate reality to choose from, and then it seems God watches with a vested interest to see what you will choose. I pray, that more and more, I learn to choose well.

At lunchtime I made a new friend. He approached me, hugged me tight to himself and said, ‘hello my maat, hoe gaan dit? (trans. Hello my friend, how’s it going?) I have never met this young man before in my life. I would never have imagined introducing myself like this, and yet I was so touched by the trust and intimacy he expressed to me, just another human being, in this simple introduction. He continued with questions about how I was feeling, enjoying the day, and whether I would accompany him to the next activity. He seemed genuinely sad when I said I wouldn’t be able to go with him after lunch because I was running an activity at a station. This sadness was followed with great happiness when I told him I would see him in the last rotation of the day at my activity station. I did nothing to earn this kind of beautifully unrestrained affection – and I can honestly say I was totally unprepared to receive it.

I began this day with the intention to be welcoming, accepting and a vessel displaying God’s boundless love towards others – I know now that, in fact, it was I that was welcomed, accepted and loved by the people I was deeply honoured to spend my day with.